Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Disappointed by something/one

"disappointed" it is the word. the word that explane my condition now. disappointed....

couple of weeks ago, i was just normal, happy and curious kid like any other. but now i.... well....... i ..........nah ... ehhhhhhhh... something like that.

i missed sm thing. something that i never expect, something that i didn't care. and something that i didn't know whether it was mine or not, yes creepy. .... but i really missed that. (the THAT thing is not a machine as i always saying :D)

and one other thing. i had to destroy, a sm THING that i helped to build. sm thing that i loved for long time, some thing that i care. some thing that i dreamed ... something that lead me to hundreds of sleepless nights. something thing that bind with my soul.. destroyed , by my own hands..

now here i am with a huge TODO list, but with no courage or clear mind to complete them.here i am DISAPPOINTED, with millions of fucking voices banging inside my head. my surface is OK. but inside.................. its like... I'm not ME..

So now you can see me. at the surface its just me.. but you can't see the OLD guy.inside..yes for sure. I'm not i AM. bTW who cares ??

yes this whole post is a piece or jerk. i know. i never post this thing at my sinhala blog couz it has hell lot of readers. this post is not for anybody. this is just for me...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

ahh Finnaly I got jumped over the O/L fence

No kidding, just got the Results. not Bad couz i didn't try hard (hv a bit worry) 5As and 4 Bs.. nt bad ha ???

Ok C ya later.

(this is being a microblog nah)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Blogging @ the siri Sumangalodaya M.V... ahh

just hit the G/Kalehe Sri sumangalodaya. M.V, for you know.. a damn GOV thing.. as a representor.. Fuck that. i hate those things. you may know. a whight lady come in and looked for DAMN IT Facilities.. FUCK that.. all of them are pre fixed. so how can we go in to it.. there are acually 16 of PCS.. but there was 25 PCS.... the extra ones from teachers own PCs... FUCK THEM AGAIN...

the lady and her fucking followers called them selves as World Bank Assols... and they are going to fund us... actually.. examing every thing and doing a NGO shit..

How can they know the real stuation if we cheat them for the bad way.. the gud way is.. removing every working PC, and put abanded NOT worikng things.. then they will gv us Money.. ha ha ha.. Gayan Ideas.. ::: :P

I'm blogging via this schools PCs.. damn good condition. panora.. and with the gratest ever Ubuntu .. ha ha ha.. thats the only thing that i can stand..

Stop for now.. I'll blog back after i hit the bus.. (i mean enter the bus)


Blogging on the Wheels

yep again.. hit the road for another big deal. Now its 4.30 AM. :D in a Ovilaana > Galle bus.. Since today. Iv spent a lazy life. couz acutally NOTHING to do... but Now its back to normal. busy, tired but happy life..

I'm blogging via My lappy couz no one is in the bus for even talk.. so My buddy always come in handy. for these sts.

As soon as i hit the land. I'll upload this..

and If there will be interesting things.. you know.. I'll put them here..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How you gonna Call me?

If you are a enemy of mine, you will defiantly have bunch of sweet nick names for me like Asshole, Rascal, useless etc. yep i like them than you. couz those Comments had saved my day couple of times. I love them, but its not the way i call my self. (yah may be just me).

If you did some Google for me (honestly you didn't, I know), You can see few different names referring to me. So Here i gonna start.

Gayan Kalhara

ya you are brilliant, your guess is absolutely right, this is my true name, and i gonna use it as much as i can. so no comments any more.


After Gayan Kalhara, My friends useing this one, when they talking about me (ok ok. they dun talk much about me.. but i mean..ARRRHHH), this is basically couz I live in galle, Sri lanka I'm an Icon of galle (nt dat much, but i think so), and the second thing is my webpage/blog you know its name. I'm telling every one " oh buddy i got a blog it named galleman.com and bla bla bla" ppl around me had enough this. So evently they point me as "here Comes the GalleMan"). So i got my second name.

The Linux Punk

Yes you got the clear answer. I'm telling every one " hey use Linux, turn in to FOSS" and etc etc etc.. so some ones dun even like to talk with me, every day i'm getting my Inbox full by hundreds of mails regarding FOSS ques, and I gonna answer them as I can.. so some ones love me. and else don't. who cares ?

There are another few of them. but I can't gv it to you.


This fact of this post is. YOU CAN CALL ME USING ANY ONE OF THEM, but the PERSON IS THE SAME PUNK. don't get messed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Equals and Parallels

Who the Hell I am?

I'm the Admin here. and This is My blog. simple answer. but if you want it hard way. you should do some google. with my name. I don't try to review myself at any point, so you should have your own image of me. may be its a monster, rascal or even a ********, it doesn't matter anyway ;) . but you should have one to read me. (actually read my posts) , couz here I'm trying to create or edit myself. not yours. so its better for you to keep a backup image of me.

yep you got that. you are reading a beginning of another use less blog. but wait a second. every useless thing got have a value in some day. so i keep tapping on my keyboard. so you better keep watching me. and add a comment and help me to fix up myself.

Now you will say "Wait a second. i know yo. earlier .. You hv another Fucking blog, don't you? "

yep you are rite. this is not my primary fucking blog. and this is nt the first time. My primary blog is www.galleman.com and its provided with sinhala unicode, couz its my mother tongue. but after some time. nt very long. I wanna have a english one. in this shinny night i coulnd't wait any longer.

first i think about a subdomain from my primary blog and run with Wordpress, ya honestly I love Wordpress. what a grate Pro. but i got another idea, should i have the same fucking translation of my blog? hell no. I need a change. yep i need a whole DAMN Change. and as well as I need to learn and hv a new experience at the same time. so You are reading the result, A blog in Google blogger. and whole new content.. yepeeeeeeeee keep reading. I recommend you to put me on your RSS reader. and keep watching me..

thnx. and welcome.....